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Marek Danis, MSc

Marek Danis is the lead Data Scientist at QHSE Data Analytics.

Marek founded QHSE Data Analytics to support companies in improving their workplace safety and quality assurance programs with the smart use of existing data. With over 10 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry, he has been working around the globe in dangerous but well regulated environments, including field work and training plus motivation of new employees.

"In my latest position on the Digital Transformation Team, I have seen what works and what doesn't work in the development and roll-out of new, digitized workflows in the corporate environment.


My formal training in Analytics from Texas A&M University allowed me to understand what exactly can be done to unlock the untapped potential especially in the field of Workplace Safety. The data is there but is being used for merely displaying statistics and record-keeping. Recent advances allow us to put this data to better use than was possible ever before.


I am all about the practical application and less about academic theory-crafting."