Featured Examples

On Data Science in Accident Prevention

In this demo for a global Oil and Gas company we determined the impact of safety initiatives on the company's driving accidents, as well as the location of accidents one month ahead of time. This allowed the safety function to focus resources on a few selected locations to target most of the accidents.

Modern Intellect in Workplace Safety

In this follow-up we introduce a new paradigm in workplace safety and quality assurance, called Modern Intellect. We showcase how the methods of Predictive Analytics can target accidents in areas that are traditionally deemed "safe".

On Data-Driven Compliance

Based on the previous projects we found that even though we may now know what actions lead to the best results, and also where to implement them at a priority, we still couldn't implement them consistently. We have identified a way how to ensure employee compliance to objectives in a systematic, data-driven way, taking reliance on the talent of individual managers out of the equation.